February 22, 2005

Youthbuild USA, An Exciting Alternative

Youthbuild USA works with low income youth in 200 communities. Young people growing up in poor neighborhoods desire skills to help them move forward in life. However, they are often discouraged by an education system that fails to recognize their intelligence, fails to help them overcome learning difficulties, and fails to make learning a meaningful and exciting part of their lives.

YouthBuild offers a dynamic educational alternative. Its personalized, self-paced educational program is a powerful blend of experiential and academic learning that frees students' innate intellectual and creative abilities. They soon see math and reading as practical skills needed to accomplish real tasks in their daily lives. Teachers work closely with each student to ensure that no one is overlooked. At the same time, YouthBuild's philosophy of peer-assisted learning builds trust and confidence among trainees. More on the program philosophy.

YouthBuild receives Congressional funding through several agencies and is partially self-supporting by its physical community building activities. This is a powerful and effective alternative!


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May 10, 2004

Create New Schools

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)have entered the education scene by sponsoring new charter schools. The YMCA of America, YouthBuild and the National Council of LaRaza are examples. YouthBuild received a $5.4 million Gates Foundation grant to establish 10 new schools to add to the network of 23 Youthbuild schools. How National Organizations and Their Affiliates Can Support the New Schools Strategy describes the backgound of this movement and provides details.


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