February 03, 2006

Search for Topics of Interest

You can search for a topic to find all previous information and links. Searchlight.jpgFor example, you can find information on subjects like virtual schools, unschooling, middle colleges or other alternatives by either typing in the term in the "Search this site" box or by clicking on the term under "Blog Categories." Immediately, the computer will find all previous blogs with their links to websites. Try it! You will love this feature. It gives you access to much material for research on a topic.

Also note that this website under "Site Navigation" has a wealth of information about us, our national conference, background articles, research, membership, our Board, minutes, a great book on alternatives you can order, a video about one of the most famous and innovative schools, state laws, criteria for alternatives, related conferences, keynote speech by Don Glines and much more including how to contact us.

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