June 13, 2005

STARS Youth Organization

STARS which stands for Success, Teamwork, Achievement, Recognition, Self-esteem is a student MAAP Stars.jpg
organization formed by the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs. It's activities include two leadership conferences (about 1000 students) per year and Legislative Day where students attend meetings at the state Capital and meet personally with their representative and senators. This assures statewide coverage of issues concerning alternative education and makes passage of legislation much easier. STARS, an extraordinarily successful activity, has been replicated in other states, specifically Connecticut, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota.

STARS is such an important and powerful means for empowering youth that IALA provides special support to other states wanting to start a similar student organization. A board member, Wally Campbell who initiated STARS and helped other states, will help organizations form their own youth organization. Wally can be reached at 952-220-4145 or wallace247@aol.com. Contact him and his expertise will be made available.

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