May 01, 2005

21st Century Schools Project

The 21st Century Schools Project of the Progessive Policy Institute develops public policies to address systemic educational inequities and modernize the industrial-era, factory model of American public education and redefine it through a system premised on universal access, public sector choice and customization, common academic standards, and accountability for results. The project sponsors research and conferences; publishes papers, articles, and a free bimonthly newsletter; and advises national, state, and local policymakers. Recently, the project's work has specifically focused on improving teacher quality, public charter schools and public school choice, special education, and reforming the federal role in education.

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May 04, 2004

Increasing Public School Choices

Increasing the Supply of Public Schools provides a thoughtful discussion of how charter schools can fill a niche of parental desire for choices and deal with low performing schools identified through No Child Left Behind. The article is by the Public Policy Institute a good site for contemporary issues.


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