August 19, 2005

National Directory of Alternative Schools

The National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCACS) has published a directory of alternatives: NCACS.jpg

-alternative schools by state (principally democratic-type schools)
-homeschooling programs by state
-alternative colleges and universities by state
-schools and colleges in other countries by country
-alternative education resources by state and country
-alternative education publishers by state and country

All of the above are also indexed alphabetically. This useful directory has hundreds of listings but does not purport to be all-inclusive. The cost is $27.50 or $21.50 if a member.

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February 22, 2005

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools

NCACS is a long-time "association of schools, groups and individuals committed to participant control, whereby students, parents and staff create and implement their own learning programs."

-Supports and strengthens alternative educational approaches.
-Facilitates communication and exchanges among members.
-Serves as an advocate for alternatives in education....

This is a grassroots organization dedicated to freedom and democracy in education and provides excellent resources on their website.
Their recent conference was held at The Farm, a school community in the hills of Tennessee. A listing of schools by state and nation gives those with websites and includes some very unusual schools in America and elsewhere.


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February 04, 2004

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools

The NCACS is a non-profit supporting alternative educational approaches and exchanges among its members, who are mostly small community-centered nonpublic schools. Its next national conference will be at The Farm, an alternative school in Summertown, Tennessee, May 6-9, 2004.


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