February 27, 2004

Residential Academies

Ray Morley, IALA board member and prolific contributor to educational alternatives for many years has described a rapidly growing phenomenia, that of residential academies. For a quick look at this concept see his paper, "Residential Education: A Topic for Consideration in Alternative Education." He also describes the Coalition for Residential Education.


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January 11, 2004

Residential Schools

Seed School (real name, Schools for Educational Evolution and Development), a residential boarding charter secondary school for at-risk students in Washington, DC has received a great deal of publicity for its success. The program provides students a high degree of structure and academic rigor. It claims a high success in turning around the lives of its students.

Core, an organization has information on starting residential boarding schools for at-risk students, a likely area of growth for alternative education in the future according to Ray Morley with the Iowa Department of Education (rcmorley@cheerful.com) where a recent study indicated that more than 4,000 adolescents need alternative living arrangements.


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September 13, 2003

Sources of Information on Educational Alternatives

Ray Morley made a great contribution by listing a huge bank of resources in his Resources in Alternative Education. It includes national information centers, books, historical references, journals, high school research reports, readings, legal references, position statements, facts and projections, research on federally sponsored models, and keys to success. This can be a first stop seeking info on alternatives.


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