July 03, 2005

Montessori Conferences

Montessorit 2005 conf.jpg One of the options parents choose is Montessori education which generally are private schools but are now found increasingly as part of public education. We note two upcoming national conferences:

The ninth International Montessori Conference will be November 3-6, 2005 in Clearwater, Fl.

The second annual Tomorrow's Children/Tomorrow's Schools will be May 4-7, 2006 in Monterey, CA.

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October 11, 2004

Learning Alternatives: Waldorf and Montessori

Waldorf schools and Montessori schools are two long-standing well-regarded private school alternatives that increasingly are found in the public school sector at both elementary and secondary levels. An interesting article by a teacher who worked in both programs compares their practices. For more information, see the national Waldorf organization and the national Montessori organization. Great River School is an example of a Montessori high school. Watershed High School is an example of a Waldorf school.


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