September 07, 2005

Public School Choice

Enormous growth is being registered in the choices available to Minnesota families, an early adopter of providing educational options. As an example of the growing desirability of choices, here are the data and types of choices for Minnesota between the years 1996-97 and 2004-05 (Source: Minnesota Department of Education): See newspaper story by reporter, James Walsh in the Star Tribune on this topic.
Minnesota Choices.gif

Postsecondary enrollment options: This program permits high school juniors and seniors to attend college and other post secondary programs with 90% of the revenue following the student to pay tuition which the post secondary insitituion must accept as full payment if they chose to participate. Growth 18%.

Open enrollment: Permits students to attend another school district. 64%

Alternative programs for at-risk students: 156%

Homeschooling: 41%

Charter schools: 736%

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March 21, 2003

Minnesota Conference

The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) held its annual conference Feb. 19-21, 2003 in Rochester, MN. 825 people attended. The keynote speaker was Deborah Meier, former principal of Central Park East schools in New York City and now co-principal of Mission Hill School in Boston and author of several books. 75 breakout sessions featured such topics as new forms of education, teaching methods, brain based learning, service learning, experiential learning, the MAAP student organization (STARS).

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