January 16, 2005

International Democratic Education Conference

The 10 day 12th International Democratic Education Conference was recently held in Bhubaneshwar, India with a view to strengthen a global movement that aims to make both teacher and child participants in the process of learning through democratic ideals. Around 400 delegates, including students and adults form 19 nations, attended. The theme was Shanti (peace) in Education. Various workshops about free schools, alternative schools of choice, and democratic schools were held. There was a special effort to bring awareness of the learning alternatives provided by schools and groups working with poor children in marginalized communities in Asia, Africa, and South America. See http://www.idec2005.com/ for next year's event.


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February 11, 2004

Is Your Alternative School Authentic?

John Loflin has produced a survey for alternative schools to examine their faithfulness to true alternative educational principles. He calls it the Pseudo-Alternative Checklist. It's a reality check for schools and a reminder of what originators of the alternative movement had in mind for educational choices. In addition to the survey (there are two forms), Loflin provides a rationale for the checklists, and a set of best practices with an extensive bibliography. You will find this material useful because of its specifics. Loflin's material is a welcome addition to extensive materials at the IALA website.


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June 19, 2003

Types of Alternatives

John Loflin, in a recent article, describes the types of alternatives (Type I, II, III) and critiques Indiana's alternatives which are too often "soft jails" for at-risk youth and marshalls a persuasive argument for alternatives for all students. He wants to see school districts and the state take a more proactive position to provide choices of programs for everyone.


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