January 16, 2005

Excellent book, Educational Alternatives for Everyone

Don Glines' excellent book, Educational Alternatives for Everyone: A Handbook for Educators, Families and Politicians is for sale at our online store. An unparalleled and extraordinary resource book on learning alternatives by the foremost advocate for alternatives. It presents the reasons why choices of a variety of learning environments are essential for the future of society, offers concrete descriptions of various practical programs, defines the potential outcomes and methods of assessment, provides an extensive bibliography and cites fifty relevant quotes by child-centered leaders. 410 pages, 2002. Price $35, Members $30.Buy it now to obtain the greatest resource on educational alternatives. It's many books of information in one volume.


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April 07, 2004

Powerful Videotape

Don Glines and Minnesota State University have released a remarkable videotape about the Wilson Campus School which operated between 1968 and 1977 in Mankato, Minnesota until the Legislature closed all campus schools. The 60 minute tape includes original black-and-white footage with modern commentary by Dr. Glines and others. Wilson Campus School was described as the most innovative school in America, an accurate description that holds to the present day. Watching the tape has a stunning effect particularly in this era of high structure and narrow standards. Any schools with an interest in reform will be deeply moved and motivated by this tape. The tape is available from IALA and includes a printed copy of the commentary. Highly recommended but be warned, your pagadigms will be altered!


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August 26, 2003

Convention Presentations

The IALA conference at Valley Forge, PA had many fine presentations. Three of these are available under the Alternatives button:
1. The keynote address by Don Glines: Educational Alternatives For Everyone---All The Time---A Discourse On Democratic Education Through Learning Alternatives.
2. Motivating Unmotivated Students Through Learning Alternatives by Don Glines.
3. A Plea For Comprehensive Educational Alternatives by Don Glines.


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July 07, 2003

33rd Conference Report

The 33rd annual International Association for Learning Alternatives conference was a huge success with over 550 people attending over the 3 day period at the Radisson Conference Center in King of Prussia, PA June 26-29, 2003. Major speakers included Don Glines who urged action to make alternatives available to all students, Erin Gruwell with a former student on the importance of individualizing, Rick Miller, and John Taylor Gatto. Over 100 other presenters and panelists gave sessions. Next year's conference will be at Crystal Mountain in Michigan in late April.


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