May 03, 2005

Measuring Student Autonomy and Motivation

Many educators support educational alternatives as a way of increasing such vital outcomes as self-efficacy, autonomy, responsibility, motivation, engagement and initiative. Sophisticated measures of these dispositions have been developed. One is at EdVisions, a teacher Edvisions.jpg
cooperative, with the Synder's Dispositional Hope Scale or Hope Scale for short. The instrument is used in a number of schools to show growth in these "soft" outcomes. Ron Newell ( at EdVisions and other researchers will help schools use and interpret the Hope instrument which is amazingly brief and quick to administer (less than 5 minutes). Ron has a wealth of experience and information for helping schools achieve higher engagement and achievement. Contact him!

Another source of 100s of instruments to measure a huge variety of outcomes is the Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools (CART), a valuable compository.

Posted by Wayne Jennings at 09:54 AM