November 22, 2005

Amazing Learning Alternative

In the most unlikely of places, the Chugach School District in Alaska won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige award, one of three districts to ever win it. The award created by Congress recognizes extreme examples of quality. The tiny Chugach district, consisting of three remote villages, each with fewer than 30 students K-12 plus homeschooling, over a period of eight years changed its graduation rate from zero to 70%, reduced annual teacher turnover from 50% to 5%, raised achievement scores from the mid-20s to the mid-70s, and restored hope among parents for their children.

Report card grades were abolished in favor of competency achievement. They work smart and are enormously dedicated to performance. They spend 30 days per year on staff development, use progressive methods of instruction and involve students in community-based learning. Much can be learned from their example and their amazing story.
Chugach schools.jpg

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May 22, 2005

A Spectrum of Alternatives Conference

The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) will hold its conference, A Spectrum of Alternatives, June 22-26, 2005 at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. The five day schedule includes workshop sessions and keynoters including Jerry Mintz, Ann Cook, John Taylor Gatto, Alfie Kohn, Matt Hern and Tim Seldin. Registration is $200 for the 5 days. Food is $112.50. One can register by the day for partial attendance.

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