November 01, 2004

How to Change Schools

Ted Kolderie's new book, Creating the Capacity for Change: How and Why Governors and Legislatures Are Opening a New School Sector in Public Education calls into question the assumption that the country can create the schools it wants by changing the schools it has. He says making incremental changes will not produce new schools. It never has in the past and the forces of status quo will prevent it in the future. The answer: start over with brand-new schools. It's the only way to get the schools we want for the 21st-century.

The book is free while supplies last by e-mailing the author at or downloading it online from the Education Evolving website, which has much interesting reading.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 11:21 AM

October 21, 2003

Evaluating New Schools

A new report by Ted Kolderie is a real breakthrough on the topic of a fair and balanced approach to evaluating new schools. Though the title of the report, Evaluating Chartering, addresses charter schools, its points pertain to evaluating all types of alternatives. The report is from a thoughtful organization, Education Evolving. The report is brief and well-worth reading.


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August 01, 2003

Alternative Education in Minnesota

A new paper "Alternative-Education Programs: The ‘Quiet Giant" in Minnesota Public Education" describes the rapid growth of student enrollment and programs. About 1 in 4 students at the secondary level use alternative programs full or part time. Many' but not all programs, are for at-risk students. Much of this growth has occurred in the past 5 years.

The study comes from Education Evolving, a group urging policy initiatives led by Ted Kolderie and Joe Graba.


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