October 10, 2004

Can competition really improve schools?

An article in the Christian Science Monitor, "Can competition really improve schools" reviews the concept of choice of schools ranging from open enrollment to vouchers. It points out that people of means have always had a choice of schools by where they choose t0 live or the ability to purchase a private school education. There's no definitive research on the question of what choices provide the best education. Still, people like choices and are using them to a greater extent. This creates competition among systems and thereby tensions and disagreements.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 01:03 AM

June 16, 2004

Private Companies Providing Alternatives

The story, "Multimillionaire Buys Major Charter School Manager" tells how a wealthy couple created a new company, Imagine Schools, Inc. and purchased a chain of existing charter schools to become the second largest for-profit manager of schools involving more than 70 schools and 20,000 students. Their principles mention that schools should be places of integrity, justice and fun. Dennis and Eileen Bakke plan to invest an additional $140 million in their schools.

Edison Schools, the largest for-profit firm, manages schools serving some 132,000 public-school students in 40 states. A good source information on the fast-growing educational entrepreneurship sector is the Education Industry Association.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 04:25 PM