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September 27, 2004

Advanced High School

The Providence, RI Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, or MET school for short, was created as a high school taking advantage of best practices in school reform and therefore departs significantly from the norm. A strong advisor program, small school size, and tremendous amount of community based learning are among its features. Dennis Litkey, one of the founders, writes of their hughly successful venture, one that has attracted considerable foundation support for replication. The parent organization, The Big Picture Company provides considerable detail about its programs. A new book, The Big Picture: Education is Everyone's Business provides further detail into the philosophy and operation of this advanced school.


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Evidence for School Reform

Researchers have found an astounding 40 percent to 60 percent of all students urban, suburban and rural are "chronically disengaged" from school. And these numbers don't include kids who actually drop out of school. This is from a quote from a newspaper account of a national conference of experts who met at the Wingspread Conference Center and hammered out a position statement outlining what schools need to do about this problem. The statement includes several research papers. These findings are consistent with other reports particularly at the secondary level.


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September 12, 2004

Resources for Charter Schools

One-way to accomplish new learning alternatives is to create charter schools, now available in various degrees of autonomy in 41 states. There are numerous resource manuals with much technical assistance available. Here are a few web sites where you can read or download guides, which are detailed and helpful: Official U.S. Charter Schools website

Center for School Change at U. of Minnesota

State Organizations

Charter Friends National Network


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