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June 19, 2003

Types of Alternatives

John Loflin, in a recent article, describes the types of alternatives (Type I, II, III) and critiques Indiana's alternatives which are too often "soft jails" for at-risk youth and marshalls a persuasive argument for alternatives for all students. He wants to see school districts and the state take a more proactive position to provide choices of programs for everyone.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 10:48 AM

Legislation Favorable to Learning Alternatives

Want to find out the laws in your state about educational alternatives? Want to suggest changes in your state's laws and need examples from other states? Check our legislation button. There you will see some specific states plus an index to legislation in all states and helpful hints.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 09:42 AM

June 05, 2003

Exciting Schools

The George Lucas Educational Foundation has for the past 10 years published a newsletter describing a revolution in learning. I highly recommend their online videos of amazing schools K-12 where students do active learning. These are compelling stories and very helpful for staff development. Teachers get excited when they can see and feel the difference active learning produces in student engagement. In addition to the videos, they have many other resources that can be accessed via their site. After you get to their site, click on the video gallery.


Posted by Wayne Jennings at 09:59 AM